What a Mess

New Media, Workshops| 2024

Exploring the untapped narrative potential of the urban fabric, with an approach nestled between the practices of plein-air painting, mixed reality interventions and locative arts.

What a Mess is a collaborative project initially developed by Pedro Gil Farias and Hugo Pilate during the ‘Realities in Transition’ residency at V2_ exploring the untapped narrative potential of the urban fabric, and its place in the digital representation of cities.

Together with different participants we hosted multiple photogrammetry walkshops and set out to digitally sample 3D parts of the neighborhoods visited in relation to different urban issues (hostile architecture, porosity in the city, street art, etc.).

Each set of captures (or specimens) were then contracted into aggregates, semi-living phygital entities, that invite the viewer to decrypt what might be the narrative potential behind each aggregate.

These are archived in the website:


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