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What A Mess is an artist duo by Hugo Pilate and Pedro Gil Farias,  exploring how the digital and physical built environments inform each other; with a special interest for more democratic and less market-dependent ways of engaging with these physical / digital spaces. Most of their works will use a mix of site-specific documentation processes then translated into interactive installations made using readily available open-source tools (as much as possible!).


An immersive installation painting a partial picture of Mouraria as a flourishing, self-sufficient neighbourhood, no longer dependent on tourism.

What a Mess

Exploring the untapped narrative potential of the urban fabric, with an approach nestled between the practices of plein-air painting, mixed reality interventions and locative arts.

The Skatable City

Skate the unskateable in an exploration of 3D scanning and videogame modding, by bringing 3D scans of real spaces/objects done into a modded version of the skateboarding videogame Skater XL.

Whatever Comes Next

An audiovisual performance presented live at Smedjegatan 5. The site-specific work questions the past, present, and future of this address by putting it in dialogue with a spiritual twin, the Whirling-In-Rags.


An exploration on urban commoning by through shared mobility services and their impact on the urban space.

Haul Earth Ledger

What if after the GREAT SATISFACTION no new consumer products were ever made?


What a Mess is a collaboration between Hugo Pilate and Pedro Gil Farias. Their work has been showcased at WIP Festival, V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum (MSU), MozFest and Gentler Futures Festival.

Hugo is a Franco-american designer and new media artist with a fascination for the past, present, and future of city-making. Hugo has 9+ years of experience working as a service designer and design fiction practitioner across public and corporate spaces. Over the past four years however, he has started dedicating an increasing amount of time to the creative critique of digital tools and city-making through artistic means.

Pedro is an interdisciplinary researcher, artist and designer, with an inclination towards DIY, creative appropriation and participatory approaches to making, and a particular interest on cities and urban spaces.







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